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 Code of Conduct READ BEFORE Applying

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PostSubject: Code of Conduct READ BEFORE Applying   Mon Jun 01, 2009 5:07 pm

General Rules

1. Respect your fellow gamer, your leaders and team captains this includes on other clans forums and teamspeaks
2. Do not use vulgar language or talk about unappropriate things
3. Respect the -{ReV}- tags you are representing us as a whole
4. Keep your avatar appropriate

In Game

1. Follow all server rules
2. Respect your fellow gamer do not burst out at them on global chat - speak as if how u want to be spoken to
3. If any hackusations occur generally just screen shot it and give it to your clan captains as they resolve the issue.
4. Do not attempt to team kill, spawn camp or statpad this will result in a punishment

Scrim Team

1. If you are in the scrim team u will be required to come to the practices organised unless u have an adequete reason.
2. Clan captains must be listened to during scrims and training.
3. No mucking around will be tolerated on training for a serious scrim.


Before coming into the clan you will have to participate in a two week trial and in this time your skills, team play and behaviour will be assessed during this time you will where the tags -{ReV}-t and upon exception by the team mangement you will be able to wear the full tags.

Please Note: We are a fun playing clan and are out there to have some fun and for all those serious ones we are here to have fun!!
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Code of Conduct READ BEFORE Applying
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